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Hello! If you're interested in working from home we can honestly tell you this is unlike anything you may have heard of before. That's because this is not some 'get rich quick' or 'MLM' program. This is actual, get paid every single week type work. Payments are sent no later than 4 PM CST every Friday. 









DD&T Inc. Marketing,

We are a fast growing online company well-known through out the internet for our oustanding results driven and aggresive marketing campaigns for local business's. We have expanded greatly and are now hiring!

Seeking new associates in your local and surrounding area to deliver valuable information by email to people waiting to hear from us.


You recently requested more information about our Internet Based Customer Service position online and we want to provide you with some important information to help you with your decision to join our growing team.


The Pay: Customer Service assistants are paid Weekly through a Direct deposit, Check or company provided Debit card.

It is very reasonable to earn $30 from 1hour of work.

PT assistant's earn $200-$400 weekly and FT assistant's earn $500-$800 Weekly.

No commuting expenses.



You are paid minimum of $1.50 and it will go as high as $3.00 per email.

No selling involved.

No Talking.


This is Not A Business Opportunity But A Chance For You To Make Serious Income. You are paid for everyone who simply enters their name and email address on our company website.

That’s it.


No catches whatsoever.

... is NOT one of those old "stuffing envelopes" scams
... is NOT a "home typist" program
... is NOT about risking money on Google Adwords
... is NOT about getting paid to take surveys
... is NOT Network Marketing or MLM
... is NOT a "HYIP" investment scam
... is NOT a pyramid or Ponzi scheme
... is NOT an illegal chain letter
... is NOT making or returning phone calls
... is NOT selling personalized children's books
... is NOT selling suspicious low-quality vitamins
... is NOT about selling anything for that matter

You don't need to have or earn any special skills to make this work for you. Our Training will teach you everything you need to know in the next 20 minutes.

Can you point and click?
Type in a web address?
Follow simple step-by-step instructions?
Live in the U.S.?


Then you might have what it takes to work for our company.

Because you:
... do NOT need to be a techno-geek
... do NOT need to risk money advertising
... do NOT need any sort of website
... do NOT need to do any kind of selling
... do NOT need to spend weeks studying
... do NOT need to spend a lot of time
... do NOT need to invest any cash
... do NOT need to host "house parties"
... do NOT need to work when you don't feel like it
... do NOT need to answer to a boss!


THERE IS NEVER A FEE.  If you are requested to pay any type of fee to apply for or in order to be hired for a work at home opportunity ...

DO NOT PAY!  It mostly certainly isn't a job.  The point is you need money. You certainly don't pay a company when you apply for a job. 

A real job will always pay YOU money.


*To even be considered here's what you need to do Now:

1. Go to our company site below.

2. Enter your name and email address and press enter.

3. Next, sign up as an affiliate at the bottom of the page.

3. You will receive a link with your own ID for payment.

4. E-mail that link to someone you know that will test it out for you. Have them put in their email.

5. Now check your account under referrals and you will see your new payment!

It truly is really that simple.

The average Email Assistant should be able to process from 50-300 emails daily working approx. 1-3 hours a day.





If the idea of:

Working virtually, No Selling, No Cold Calling, No MLM, $200-$400 per week part time, $500+ per week full-time sounds good to you, then here is what you need to do next...  

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